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I now have a file on my computer called avengers_sexytimes.doc


I tried, folks.

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Rather than judging, I'm cheering. LOL.

Obsession loves company.

Hee! Prolly cause I wasn't trying to. After all, it's your fault I went to Tumblr and lost many hours looking at pretties.

So, where's the sexytimes?? :)
If Tumblr was a country I would move there and never leave.

Sexytimes is still... in progress. (Currently I'm obsessed with finishing this fanmix.) Any interest in maybe betaing when it's done? It's kind of dark in places...
Yay :) Seriously I can't even explain this story, I just know I had to get it out of my head or it would have dissolved my brain into mush.
*gets distracted by your icon for a few minutes*

Ahem. Yes, but you see, I was determined that I wasn't going to get sucked into another fandom... particularly the fic part of fandom... but the part of my brain that was kidnapped by Jeremy Renner had other ideas...
By way of apology, I shall offer you the (in my mind) matching Scarlett icon. And yes, they are definitely staring at each other. Trufax.
*goes through the rest of my flist posts to see if you've posted this fic yet*