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Watching the Rifftrax of Thor. Selvig! Loki! :0 Coulson! :( Oh yeah, and Thor too :)

And since it's Rifftrax... Hilarity! Helmet jokes! Bwahaha.

ETA: Oh HULLO Clint you're not the reason I rewatched this movie AT ALL.
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Clint's barely in it, but ... yeah. And the shirtless Thor scene ain't bad either.

LOL, when the movie came out I (not being AT ALL a comics reader) said something to my boss about how the Green Arrow was in Thor. Haha, he freaked out and started lecturing me on Marvel vs. DC, and obviously that was Hawkeye, not the Green Arrow, and how dare I mix them up.

I definitely won't now. :)
Even a little bit of Clint is wonderful :D

I'm not a comics reader at all, either, but I probably would have freaked out a little too. ;) I've always been more of a DC fangirl than Marvel, at least as far as the various movie and TV universes go, but I'm happy to turn traitor for these guys ;)