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Heehee... I haz Avengers icons. Go check out inkvoices's icon post here, cause they're awesome.

Also found a Clint/Natasha fic I quite enjoyed over at AO3: we were emergencies. To steal someone else's recc: "It's stunning. It's heartbreaking, sad, brutal, funny, sexy and joyous, sometimes all at once, and remains true to the characters the whole time." I don't know much about the characters outside of the movie, but it certainly felt true :)

ETA: Oh... spoilers in comments, in case you're one of the 6 people who hasn't seen this movie ;)

ETA: Another porny ficrecc: Biting the Same Bullet
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I have thought about snagging some of those. I saw them the other day and spent a few minutes laughing over the Coulson quote: "I was present while you were unconscious," or whatever. Hee!

I was definitely thinking of grabbing something Hawkeye related, plus "thank you for your cooperation."
Poor Coulson... he was just an adorkable fanboy.

I was definitely thinking of grabbing something Hawkeye related, plus "thank you for your cooperation."

OMG how amazing was that scene between Natasha and Loki? Gave me goosebumps both times. I still can't decide if she really was playing him the whole time, like with the Russian guy, or if he really did get to her but she was able to make the most of it after his slip about 'the monster'. Hard when you don't know a lot about the characters... which is why I demand a prequel!
In my little imaginary world, Loki got to her more than she thought he would, but she still stayed on mission and found out what she could. :)
Given how "not upset" she looked right after she was supposedly crying, I think that while there was something that did get to her, hence the "ledger filled with red ink" comment later, it wasn't anywhere near as much as she let on.
Well, she didn't look upset, really, but she also didn't look quite as nonchalant as she did with the Russians. Hard to tell with a character like this, tho. It would be interesting to know how Johansson played that scene.