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THG again, and The Punishing of Movie Audiences Everywhere

So tonight I went and saw The Hunger Games again (shh, don't mention it on Facebook... my family already thinks I'm weird and my coworker friends don't yet suspect how bad it is...) I definitely enjoyed it more the 2nd time, no doubt because since I knew what was coming I was able to actually watch the movie instead of doing a scene by scene comparison with the book in my head. Some things that had bugged me the first time didn't this time, or at least didn't as much. And somehow the second time it felt more... cohesive.

I'm kind of bummed that Gary Ross won't be directing Catching Fire, not because I think he did a perfect job but because I'm concerned with there being visual continuity between the two movies. For example, the third Harry Potter is a fine movie on its own, but it has such a different feel visually that I always find myself watching the style more than the story. The guy replacing Ross, Francis Lawrence, certainly had his own style in Constantine and I Am Legend... hopefully a concerted effort will make the two movies meld.

I found myself thinking that it'll be interesting watching Katniss, Peeta and the other (surviving) characters grow up over the course of the three (or four, but there shouldn't be too much growing up done there) films. Jennifer and Liam are only 22, Josh is 20, Willow (Prim) is only 12. Say a movie every other year (IMDB is listing CF for 2013, but I think that's awfully optimistic considering the scope of the story)... The change won't be nearly as startling as, say, between the first and last HP movies, but it should still be interesting.

I was thinking about the differences between the book and movie, specifically the exact circumstances surrounding a certain character's death, and thinking how maybe it was tweaked to keep the read-the-book audience a little in suspense. That got me thinking how awesome it would be if a certain dies-in-Mockingjay character, whom Collins (IIRC) has kind of said she regrets killing, might be allowed to live in the movieverse ;) I don't know anybody who would complain...

Oh, and the final, triple-damned Twilight movie doesn't come out til freaking November? We have to endure 7+ more months of this crap? Plus promotion for Blinky-Gaspy's Snow White? And now a movie version of Meyer's Other Novel That I've Never Heard of Anyone Actually Reading? What did we do to deserve this???

Final thought: Josh really isn't terribly remarkable looking when he's making his Serious Face, but Smiley Josh -- okay, I'm going to stop now because I'm feeling a little pervy after having just typed that he's almost a decade younger than me... oy!

ETA: I sporfle every time I see this meme:

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