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Fringe, you're killing me!
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also some clever people elsewhere have done the Math....etta was born in Olivia would theoretically be preganant now.

It's possible, but all we know is that Etta was 4 when her parents... went away. There's no reason to think that HAD to be in 2015, because the preamble says that the Fringe team fought the Observers for a while. Someone on that link you posted said Anna Torv is pregnant, but I can't find any mention of that online.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that bullet ha something to do with Olivia's death. the observer did say that in every future she had to die???

On the other hand, if Olivia was already dead, would there be rumors about the team still being alive somewhere (or being immortal... I thought that was interesting ;)). Plus it was pretty obvious that Etta expected to find her in that amber. Perhaps she's ambered somewhere else? It's hard to read Peter's state of mind from that short bit at the end, but you'd think if he thought she was dead or missing he wouldn't be so sanguine.

Also, no Lee. Assuming this is all happening in the current, orange universe (a bit assumption, admittedly) do we assume that he stayed in the Alt Universe?

Oh, and did September tell Peter that his blue universe son was named Henry? I think so, but I can't remember. If not, naming his daughter Henrietta would be kind of a coincidence. And we know there are no coincidences in Fringe ;)

One last thing I haven't seen mentioned anywhere -- the reappearance of the green/red/green thing (when they were trying to deamber Peter).