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Writing a story where an emissary from a more advanced civilization has arrived to give weapons to a a civilization that has only recently graduated to crossbows so that they can defeat their enemies. I'm just not sure what the technology IS. Should I go with the obvious and have it be gunpowder/firearms? Something a little more techy that these people will still be able to figure out, repair and perhaps replicate? Or just go with something that's essentially magic? I don't know anything about my advanced civilization yet so the possibilities are pretty wide open.
Give them some kind of biological weapon, similar to the smallpox covered blanket. Something that turns some of their enemies into rabid zombies who attack the rest of their enemies and send them into a panic. Yep. You can't go wrong with zombies!

Actually, it might be fun to give them something just a step up, and see if it triggers an arms race. A musket, maybe, or a crossbow firing gatling gun.
Ah, but my emissary doesn't want an arms race. He actually stole the weapon from his superiors to give to this less advanced culture so they could take out HIS enemies once they finish with THEIR enemies. If that makes any sense.
Yep, makes perfect sense! If I were him, though, I'd be careful about not giving them weapons that are *too* advanced -- it might come back to bite him, in much the way it did in North American when the natives got ahold of horses.
I also don't want to give them weapons that are too far beyond them, either, because eventually they will need to be repaired and replaced. I don't think it would be too far beyond my civilization to figure out what's in gunpowder and how to replicate it, but it's going to mean some research on my part. :-p
Research is one of the best parts of the job! Imagine all the AK-47's breaking, and the users trying to use them as muzzle loaders ...

Anyway, you're killing all my ideas! Guess I'll just have to hold onto them for some future project. :-)
LOL, I don't mean to kill your ideas, I'm just trying to be more... explicit about my needs ;)
That did the trick! It's one reason why I don't like the idea of writing with a partner: Even when I don't consciously know exactly where I'm going, I tend to end up with pretty specific thoughts once I start talking about it, if that makes sense.
I don't think I could ever write with a partner. The closest I ever came was a fanfic round robin and it drove me crazy. I need CONTROL.