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I'm trying to figure out how I feel about a show where the parents seem perfectly fine with their teenagers having sex, yet freak out at the idea of them getting married.

Then I remember that despite the lovely musical numbers, there is no such thing as consistent characterization when it comes to Glee.
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As someone who's taken the sex-before-marriage road and still thinks it's better that way... Glee is being weird on so many different levels this year, this isn't even in the top 10 on their list of huge issues. The musical numbers suck - can you remember when the studio version was actually a little different from the version they sang on the show? I miss that. Then this whole "let's make Sue seem nicer" business - way stupid. Lea Michele's voice is starting to annoy me and everything's just so... blah. Hopefully they'll change up the cast a little for next year.