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I've gotten pretty bad at regular - or even irregular - updates on LJ lately. I blame Facebook. But since family and coworkers can see what I put on Facebook (and I've never really been able to trust their custom groups) sometimes you just can't beat old El-Jay.

I haven't been to work since Monday. I'd had a sinus headache and other random symptoms - scratchy throat, earache; nothing that lasted a long time, but long enough to be irritating - since last week, and Tuesday I decided I'd stay home. Then I decided since I was going to be home anyway, I'd go to the doctor to make sure it was nothing serious.

According to the Doc, who looks like Santa without the beard, I had a sinus and upper respiratory infection. He tsk tsked me in his Santa Claus way for not coming in sooner, gave me a prescription for a heavy-duty antibiotic and some cough suppressant with codine, and told me that he'd like me to stay away from work until next Monday. And I was thinking, no way... maybe I'll call it for tomorrow, but I can't stay home that long. I have the sick days (we get 10 every year) but still...

Well, it's Friday and I'm home. I probably could have gone in today, but it seemed to make more sense to wait til I was 100% (or closer to 100%) and start over fresh on Monday. The symptoms have mostly gone away but I still have that achy, tired, hit-by-a-Mac-truck, recovering from sickness feeling. Plus if I was at work I wouldn't have been able to take my cough medicine, because damn that stuff is strong.

So I'm going to have myself a little six-day weekend, only bed-ridden for half of it. It's been a weird week.
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