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Richard Armitage. Raow.

Feeling more chipper today. Watching the deleted scenes on my North & South DVD gives me a happy. Still looking for a good song to vid too.

ETA: RA is in the new Hobbit movie playing someone named Thorin Oakenshield. Is that a big role? If so, I may have to get over my inherant dislike of hobbits and go see this...
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Okay, bearing in mind that I haven't actually read The Hobbit but have spent extensive time with friends who were big fans (including someone who wrote his dissertation on Tolkien), plus I play a LOT of Lord of the Rings Online... but I believe Thorin Oakenshield is a fairly major character in the book. Not sure whether that means he'll have as substantial a role in the movie, too, but there's a good chance (even with the huge number of other characters involved).

I'm probably going to go see the movie, even though I've never been able to get more than 20 or so pages into the book... mostly because I think Peter Jackson did a fantastic job with the Lord of the Rings movies (also books I've never read but know a LOT about).

If nothing else, it should be visually stunning... plus, they've managed to cast some very pretty men in most of the roles (so even the dwarves should be easy on the eyes).
Yeah, I wikied the character after I posted and it seems like he's pretty well up there. Not sure how I feel about good-looking dwarves!
Yeah, I've actually been a bit weirded out by that, too. I remember when I heard Aidan Turner had been cast in the movie, I assumed he was going to be an elf... Even after seeing him as a dwarf in the trailers I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around it.