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New Bones, Person of Interest, and Big Bang Theory tonight. Yay!

ETA: Watching PoI. Uhoh, Reese is showing concern towards Carter. I can practically hear the slashers' teeth gnashing about how thoughtless he is towards poor Daniel. Er, I mean Finch.

ETA2: Oooh I like where this is going.

ETA3: Clip from next week: Woo! Also, Carter looks nice with her hair pulled back. I know, it's all about the hair ;)
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My finder download is taking forever. I havent yet gotten into POI- Im not even quite sure what its about. I go back to school next wednesday so my epic TV schedule will need to be downgraded.

Bones was pretty epic though....scary epic.
PoI is about two guys - a computer geek and an ex-miltary kickass guy - who use an extremely powerful survailance computer system to stop crimes before they happen, and the NYPD cop who (until recently) thought they were bad guys and was trying to catch them.