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I'm exhausted just looking at this

This next month is going to be a busy one at work.

Wednesday the 4th - SST for John B, sub in the afternoon to work on pilot program
Thursday the 5th - Afterschool program (ESA)
Monday the 9th - Staff meeting
Tuesday the 10th - All-day sub for GLAD, district listening session 5-8 (ESA)
Wednesday the 11th - SST for Andy P
Thursday the 12th - All-day sub for ELD pilot
Tuesday the 17th - Afterschool program (ESA)
Wednesday the 18th - Afterschool program (ESA)
Monday the 23rd - K-12 meeting at the DO (ESA), pilot timesheet due
Wednesday the 25th - SST for Bryan M
Thursday the 26th - Afterschool program (ESA)
Friday the 27th - All-day sub for Best Behavior meeting at DO
Monday the 30th - Leadership meeting (ESA)
Tuesday the 31st - Afterschool program (ESA)

Which is all on top of, you know, teaching. (4th grade and 3rd grade Language Arts/ELD in the morning, kindergarten ELD after lunch, then 4th grade math and 1st grade ELD after recess.) Thankfully, stuff marked with 'ESA' means I get paid extra, so yay for that. The hardest part (aside from the really annoying group I have for afterschool) is all the days when I have a sub. Sub = sub plans and never knowing how the kids are going to behave.
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