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*eyes cross*

I made the mistake of looking at a wiki for Brandon Sanderson's books, since I just finished reading The Alloy of Law and am currently rereading The Way of Kings... and several hours later...

Seriously, though -- that guy is either a genius or a crazy person. Maybe both. :D
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Oh yeah. Way of Kings is the first book in an enormous unfinished series, though, just to warn you ;)
Oh, not another GRRM! LOL.

I may check him out anyway. But first, I actually have to get around to reading the second and third "Hunger Games" books. :)
lol he's actually much more prolific than GRRM. Also seems like less of a douche ;)

If you want to start out with a standalone (after you read THG books, that is) I would recommend Elantis. It was his debut novel so it's not perfect, but I heart it.