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Just watched the latest episode of Person of Interest. Eeee... how crazy was that ending?! While of course I'm concerned about Reese being shot, I'll admit that I was far more excited about he and Carter finally meeting. Of course she ratted him out which sucks, but then she regretted it, and isn't that what's really important?

I'm assuming from the lack of promo that it's on hiatus now :(

Hm... I kinda want to make some icons... Haven't had that urge in ages.

ETA: After doing some looking around, the main PoI lj comm seems to be a haven for Finch/Reese H/Cers who don't like Carter. OMG I'M HAVING CRAPPY FANDOM FLASHBACKS.

ETA: Carter icon! Not my best work, but I'm glad to have something to use for Person posts. Plus knowing that Carter is somewhat maligned makes me like her better ;)
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PoI was on the 'might be cancelled' list a couple weeks ago but is now on the 'probably renewed list' so looks promising. I've only seen a couple but dad watches it.

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They've kept it very serialized for the first part of the season which I guess is conventional knowledge for a new show, but I'm looking forward to getting more 'mythology' -- finding out more about the mysterious main characters and building up more of a story arc. I was worried about it and I'm glad to hear the numbers have picked up a little.

I have NO interest in getting into the fandom, though. ;)