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Quick Glee question

Just watched the most recent episode. So... are we supposed to ignore the fact that the New Directions sang three times as long as the other groups? Or just assume that the other groups had the same amount of time and we just didn't see it even though we appeared to see their entire performance?

ETA: OMG the Christmas episode of Community was hysterical. So many goofs on Glee.
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That's what I thought. I guess they just showed us one performance of the other Glee clubs so they could focus on the New Directions. That's acceptable for me, cause it's something that just happens when you have to fit all those things into a 40-minute episode.

And agree with Community. Annie's scene was so funny I almost couldn't breathe when I first watched it. I think I had to rewind about ten times until I'd actually heard everything. "Mistletoe for eatie taste good?" :D