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Drive-by book commentary

On the drive home today I finished The Lost Hero and started The Son of Neptune. (Audiobooks: I'm not reading while driving.) I don't know if it's just that Rick Riordan's writing skills have improved a lot, or the mythology of the series took 5+ books to grab me, or the change from first to third person, or a little of all three, but I've enjoyed these books much more than the original PJ&tO series. Certainly every time anyone... mentioned Percy in TLH or has mentioned Annabeth in tSoN, ...I go "aww" and want to give someone a hug.
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I think his writing is definitely maturing - his other series is a giant leap forward from PJO too. He wrote the first series for his son, who was like 10ish at the time, and my theory is that as the kid gets older, RR decides to make the themes/writing more mature too.

Well, the HP series matured hugely from book to book as well. I think it's a combination of the author becoming a better, more practiced writer and also acknowledging that their audience is growing up, as well.
Oh, and the local landmarks continue to crack me up. The Caldecott Tunnel, Mt. Diablo... bwahaha.