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Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero

So I've been listening to the audiobook on the way to and from work, which is about a 45 min - 1 hour commute both ways.

Riordan's writing has definitely improved since the PJ books, and I rather like the new characters.

But the thing that's really making me LOL are the various landmarks, especially the trio ending up in Walnut Creek and having to face monsters on Mt. Diablo.

Dude, Walnut Creek is like 20 minutes away from my house. Everything in the area around here is within sight of Mt. Diablo, including my high school (heck, it was almost called Diablo Vista) and the bridge I cross to get to and from work. I've even been to the summit a handful of times.

Mt. Tam being the hub of all evil in the last series was funny enough, but this is hilarious. We're famous!
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Oh, hey... I actually know a song about Mt. Tam!

"Here I sit at the head of Mt. Tam
Might as well be in Viet Nam
The battle is coming soon.
The stars are hid but the sky is gray
With the lights of the cities that ring the bay
In the shape of a crescent moon.

And if there be anything here
That cometh not in the name of the powers of light
Then in the name of the powers of light
Let it be gone."

It's an old filksong from the 1980s by Leslie Fish called, unsurprisingly, "Mount Tam." (In fact, I just found the full lyrics online, so I don't have to just depend on my memory: )

But I know how you feel about running across familiar landmarks like that. There's a YA series by James Dashner (the 13th Reality series) that takes place partly in Deer Park, WA... they were our high school rivals, being only about ten miles up the road and the closest other school district. Deer Park was where we went when we said we were going "into town" (with Spokane as our destination if we were going "into the city"). It was VERY disconcerting when I first realized the book really was taking place in Deer Park.