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I want to make an "Occupy Disneyland" icon.

Cause I am against all the money going to the top 0.000000001% of mice.

I'm also so tired of the local news referring to Occupy Insert Area Here people as "campers". I guess "homeless bums and squatters" just doesn't have the same flow.
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You have to give the mainstream media credit; they've got a lot of people fooled, just as they fooled a lot of people into thinking the Tea Party was made up of racist fringe elements.
So true. Just imagine what they could have done with a picture of a Tea Partier pooping on a cop car.
Ha -- if a Tea Partier had done it, the picture would have been on the front page of every newspaper and magazine in the world.
I'm so sick of hearing about these dumbass Occupiers. The REAL 99 percent are people who actually work for a living instead of squatting illegally on other people's property and whining that they don't have as much money as people who work for it.
disgusting protestors
I too am so sick of the mainstream medias' fawning over and making excuses for
them. There have been assaults and rapes in those camps too. Not to mention the
trolls injuring police officers . I think the media is so obsessed with getting Obama
reelected next year they will cheer anything they perceive as helping him. He has
after all, expressed solidarity with the so called protesters. The media is so desperate to find a left wing version of the
Tea Party they have jumped on this. Even though they are absolutely nothing like Tea Party people. From interviews and things
i have read a lot of them are anarchists or communists though they mostly won't admit
that to the public. Some of them are being paid by leftist groups and some are really
dimwitted college students that no doubt have been taught to hate our country by
left wing professors. Just thinking about them makes me so angry.