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Angel: Home

Wow, majorly windy outside...

Now, I haven't been watching Angel all that long. Okay, I watched it from the beginning, kinda, then stopped when they killed off Doyle, but I've been back for the last while and am pretty much enjoying it. But it's kind of hard with all this W&H stuff... evil lawyers, I got that... corruptingness, sure, but does anyone want to give me a primer? Who are they, what have they been up to? What's with the white room and the cat?

The end was... sweet. And this coming from someone who would have liked to see Connor splattered all over the walls of that store. I suppose we as the audience were supposed to feel sorry for the kid, what with his tragicness and all, but somehow that just failed to jive with me. However, it is nice - and sweet - that they were somehow able to start over and give him a real family and a real future. And the making everyone else forget about him wasn't half bad either ;) Now they just need to revive Cordy and all will be well.

Funny... was just reading and they put it perfectly: "Connor's a whiny, petulant, paranoid brat whose temper tantrums only serve to distract the gang from more urgent matters (like saving the world) and cause the melancholy Angel more heartache ... Angel's struggle with how to best care for his tortured son is a poignant coda to a slam-bang season. And the moment's made even more touching by the notion that the teen may never know the sacrifices Angel makes for the sake of his son's happiness."


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