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The to-do list

The jobs around my house seem to be piling up. My mom is all "you need a guy to take care of some of this stuff". I'm like, "no, I need money to PAY someone to do it".

In no particular order...

- Finish painting kitchen (behind appliances)
- Put another coat on the TV wall in the living room cause I keep noticing places where it's a little thin and it's driving me nuts
- Replace AC/heater vent covers
- Replace burned-out bedroom track light
- Replace furnace filter
- Install new lighting fixture in bathroom
- Install other new fixtures in bathroom, the towel bar and whatnot
- Strip off old paint and repaint bathroom doors*
- Replace light switch covers with something not gross*
- Paint hallway
- Paint bedrooms... some day...

* I think if I can manage to get these two things done during the week of Thanksgiving break, I will be very pleased with myself. I'm kind of scared about stripping paint but really, I can't make them look much worse than they do now.

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