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Alli Snow

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can't talk, coffeeing

It really says something about your typical caffeine intake when a cup of coffee, instead of making you more awake, makes you sleepy.

I'm not sure what it says, but it says something.

ETA: Oh, I forgot, the point of this post was the celebrate that I got past the sticking point in my NaNo novel, thanks to some quick and helpful comments by the peeps of the Fantasy Forum. I think when I asked in other places I was too vague; the issue was confusing enough that it needed more details. But I got my heroine out of school and back on the road and feeling really down about herself, which (for me) is great. Also I can wait and decide later if anyone actually died.

Now to go curl up with Cybele's Gift - I swear Juliet Marillier consistently writes the best damn historical fantasy romance.
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