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NaNo help needed!

My teenaged heroine is happily ensconced in a girls-only boarding school (or will be, as soon as I write that part). But she's a runaway who's never felt like she fit in, so - being the mean author that I am - I don't want her to be happy. So I need something to give her feelings of guilt and shame and force her to run away again.

Thoughts? I was thinking maybe she naively helps someone hide on the school grounds, thinking she's doing them a favor (she's a charity case herself) and they end up burning the whole place down or something. But that idea's not really clicking.
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She makes a comment that pushes someone to be hurt or hurt themselves?
A teacher picks on her or assaults her?
She is or is mistaken to be gay?
She humiliates herself somehow?
She helps someone cheat but only they are caught?
She destroys or breaks some valuable and irreplaceable artifact?
She makes a mistake in chemistry and almost burns down the building?
She wins some contrast or surprise, making her the enemy of all the friends of the expected winner?

I think I need more drama... probably someone is going to have to die to get to the required level of angst :)