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Alli <3 Bones

I <3 Bones so much so far this season. I <3 the way they've been able to have Brennan and Booth be together without the show being about them being together, which is a pretty good trick since up until now the show has been about them being together but not together-together. I <3 that even the writers seem to embrace the fact that the cases aren't really important in and of themselves as much as a way to give the characters something to react to. I <3 that Brennan is still socially kind of an idiot. Oh, and this episode I <3 the new squintern and his reparte with Hodgins. I still kind of miss Zac, but it's been long enough and enough has happened to the characters that I think it's nice for him to have a new bromance. Although not really a bromance, because Finn is supposed to be what, 18? That would be kind of weird. Of course I know there's a lot of season left to go, and no one on TV gets to be happy for long (happy is so boring), so I'm just going to enjoy it whilst I can!
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