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Kids and movies and itches, oh my!

Just rewatched the movie A Little Princess to refresh my memory of the horrors of boarding school. It's NaNo story research... honest.

I really want to show it to my students at school, the 4th graders at least. It's not one they'd be likely to see on their own, but I think they'd really enjoy the storytelling element, the villainous headmistress, and whole whole drama of Sara losing and (in the movie version, at least) finding her father. Maybe I can get away with it as we get closer to Thanksgiving. Dovetail it with a writing assignment about things we're thankful for. (Hey, at least I'm not showing them Kung Fu Panda because they read a story that takes place in Chinatown. No, seriously, that really happened.)

I'd also like to show, closer to Christmastime, the Muppet version of A Christmas Carol (appropriately titled A Muppet Christmas Carol). If you haven't seen it, get a hold of a copy pronto. Michael Caine is one of the best damn Scrooges out there, and the muppets are both hilarious and adorable. It's also a good kid-friendly introduction to a classic. Oh, and the music!

Now for something completely different... a few months ago I changed my detergent. Big mistake... after using it a couple weeks I was super itchy all the time, especially my scalp. I got some All Free and rewashed everything - which took AGES - and for a while it was all good (no pun intended). But the last week or so I've noticed I'm feeling rather itchy again... argh! I would go back to the original detergent I had been using but to be honest I don't remember what brand it was. They kind of all look the same when you're standing in the aisle in Target. The next time I wash clothes/sheets, I think I'm going to try using no detergent and see if that makes any difference.

Just to tie this whole post together... Kermit may say it's no fun being green, but it's even less fun being itchy :(
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