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Finals and Destinos

It's been a long day, and it's only about 630.

Got up today around 7 - thanks for the call, Kels; I really was up *g* - ate some oranges-in-a-can for breakfast and trudged off to my final. It went well, only took me about an hour; I was the second or third person done. There were maybe 3 questions I had to guess on, but that was out of 50 some-odd total, so no big. I'm sure I got an A.

Came back, took my morning medication and went back to bed. Slept til 1pm, actually, which was kind of a whoopsie. I took my add/drop form over to the Jacoby Center and got it signed off by the instructor. Now I'm just waiting for my advisor to email me back with the OK for the class change, re-register, and I'll be a happy camper.

After that I went over to the MacLab; had to upload a file to the GATE website my partner and I made for our education class. I swear to God it took a good 20 minutes to just upload one stupid jpg. I hate Macs with a deep, dark passion. But at least the site is done. Tomorrow we present it, and eat junk food. I wish more of my finals were like that!

Actually did some studying for Spanish today. I've been practicing my verbs, or trying to. There are just so many forms... it boggles the mind. Tomorrow I'll work on my vocabulary. Boy am I glad my hardest final is on the last day, giving me plenty of time to review.

I've done a little packing up, but just a little -- two shelves of junk and books. Barely a dent in this whole mess. Sunday afternoon is going to suck. I also have to remember to take my books over to the bookstore and see what I can get for reselling them. Probably not nearly what the bookstore will re-resell them for next semester. It's criminal, I tell you.

Woo, my boy just made a beautiful double play.

My Spanish professor, at everyone's urging, did tell us on Monday how Raquel and Arturo end up over the next two semesters, so if you don't want to be spoiled, turn away now ;) At the end of this section of the story, Raquel finally admits that her feelings for Arturo are serious. Don Fernando, before finally dying, tells them that either she should move to Buenos Aires or he should move to LA, because they shouldn't lose true love. They decide to go to LA, where Raquel lives and works, and they live together for a while -- the little devils. Raquel starts work on a new case for the Castillo family. At some point - and I think this is third semester, although it might be fourth - Arturo has to go back to Argentina for some reason. While he's there... he runs into his ex-wife! And he's offered a job there! And he calls Raquel and admits that he's enjoying being in Argentina... it's his home, after all, and he's been homesick living in LA. So he hangs out in Argentina for a while, making Raquel all depressed... so depressed, in fact, that when her ex, Luis, shows up, she promptly tells him off and focuses on the case. At the end of the semester, successful in the case but lonely, Raquel gets another phone call from Arturo. She misses him and tells him that if he doesn't like LA, she'll pick up and move with him to Argentina, leave everything behind to be with him -- and he tells her that he's at the airport in LA. The end.


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