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The Mentalist

I'm about halfway through the first season of the Mentalist. Some observations:

- I've never read Sherlock, but the whole 'the main character knows what's going on ages before you do and reveals it dramatically' seems Sherlocky.

- Everyone who said Jane is extremely smackable is 100% correct, but yes, he does make me chuckle.

- I randomly think "man-pain" and laugh during completely inappropriate scenes.

- Rigsby and Van Pelt: aww.

- President Logan, bwhahaha.

- So Jane and Lisbon... sometimes I see snarky siblingness there, and sometimes I see UST obscured by man-pain and vengence. Go fig ;)
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It's not a bad escapist show and if it hadn't moved and changed times to past my bed time (and yes I know I can DVR it but then I'd have to make time to watch it), I'd still be watching...probably....
LOL. I torrented the first 2 seasons and it's something entertaining to watch when there's nothing else on.
Glad to see you're also suffering from "have to name ex-24 actors by their 24 character names". I'm watching Castle right now and I always call Penny Johnson's character "Sherry". :D
LOL about President Logan. For a while (maybe still, I don't know) there was a theory going around that that guy was Red John. I was convinced that the sole reason for the theory is that the actor was evil President Logan. Heh. I just watched a season 2 episode of "Scarecrow and Mrs. King," and he was a guest star as (of course) a bad guy, and I just laughed every time I saw him.

Sometimes I ship Jane/Lisbon so much, and other times I feel like she should start smacking him upside the head a la Gibbs in "NCIS," if you've watched that. :)
I haven't watched NCIS, but I know about the head smack.

I don't think that ship and head smacks should be mutually exclusive, by the way ;)