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So I've watched the first two episodes of The Mentalist this afternoon. Not bad... they're pretty good at laying false trails and the main character, while indeed insufferable, is amusing to watch. Also I didn't realize that the show is based in California; the second episode is based in the Napa-Fairfield-Vacaville area which isn't too far from where I work. (Really anytime a cop show isn't based in New York it's a nice change of pace.)
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I have a lot of people telling me I should watch The Mentalist, but I just HATE Simon Baker so much. I don't even know why, I just get really aggressive, I can't help it. Every time I see him I wanna slap him till his hair goes straight and his botoxed forehead wrinkles. Also - what kind of person gives his kids douchy middle names like "Blue", "Breeze" and "Friday"?

Also - what kind of person gives his kids douchy middle names like "Blue", "Breeze" and "Friday"?

Basically any actor? :D
Kiefer's daughter's name is Sarah and Carlos named his daughte Natalie. Did 24 get the last batch of sane actors? :D
Well there are a couple of actors out there with somewhat-normal child-naming habits, but it seems like the weird ones always come from Hollywood. At least Baker didn't name any of his children after fruit, I hope.
If I had to actually work with someone like Jane, I would hate him. But he's very entertaining to watch on TV. :)

But when it comes to quirky cops and/or investigators, I still prefer Crews. :)
*sniffles* I miss Charlie...

I decided that in a way The Mentalist kind of reminds me of Profiler. The title character has a quirky way of solving crimes (although with Profiler it was at least implied that it really was some kind of psychic power), is mixed up with/has lost loved ones to a fairly colorful serial killer, and... well, that's all I have so far. But I've only watched 4 episodes.

*sniffles* While I'm at it, I miss Bailey. Robert Davi is a man of serious awesomeness.
That's one I never saw. My Mom really liked it, so I always thought I would check it out, but I've never gotten around to it. Love Robert Davi, though.
It was great until Ally Walker left and they tried to do the whole "hey lets keep the show going and just replace the main character that everything and everyone revolves around". Meh.