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Fringe! Eee! Peter! Is it next Friday yet??

Also, I just saw my first new Bones promo, and I giggled... well, like a school-girl. I'm still slightly stunned that last season's finale really happened. Although I'm rather annoyed by the rumor - news? - that the premiere will pick up several months after the finale left off... it seems completely wrong that we not get to see the other characters' reactions to the news but in general I'm just a giggly mess.
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I'm assuming your talking about the promo where she is on the ground and he tries to help her up! That one had me laughing.

But yes, it definitely picks up with her 7 months pregnant- you get no reaction scenes apparently, but i did read somewhere that there is a home movie or something that gives glimpse.

That and the season will only have 13-18 episodes is also a downer, but Emdeschhornsby needs to spend time with her new bubba. :)

Something odd though, I was in the USA for the past two weeks, and was super excited to get to see my shows LIVE.....but yeah, didnt happen! LOL

Ooh a home movie... ok, that gives me a little hope :)

I can also see them wanting to jump ahead in the pregnancy after going through the whole pregnancy thing with Angela last year. No point in playing all the same notes two seasons in a row... and I guess they have to leave something for the fanfic writers ;)

And yes, that promo is hysterical.