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Does anyone on my friends list watch The Mentalist? Is it good? Is there ship?

Oh, and thanks everyone for the birthday wishes :)

Also... Fringe night!

ETA: Speaking of tv and ship... anyone watching Person of Interest? Reese/Carter = sexy cat-and-mouse OTP! :D
Simon Baker is easy on the eyes but his character tends to be a bit smug, annoying and arrogant.

Yes, I have definitely caught that impression from the promos. But I've seen a few minutes of the beginnings of episodes after Person of Interest and it seemed... well, worth asking about :)
It's entertaining. The main character has (of course) this horrible man-pain trauma that he has to work to overcome and the supporting characters are a good bunch. I don't find the female lead to be particularly sympathetic, but she is probably a good foil for him as she doesn't put up with a lot of nonsense.