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Does anyone on my friends list watch The Mentalist? Is it good? Is there ship?

Oh, and thanks everyone for the birthday wishes :)

Also... Fringe night!

ETA: Speaking of tv and ship... anyone watching Person of Interest? Reese/Carter = sexy cat-and-mouse OTP! :D
I do! It is good, and there is ship. Though quite frustrating ship at times. :)
I have watched it, it's not bad. Simon Baker is easy on the eyes but his character tends to be a bit smug, annoying and arrogant. There is some ship if you squint hard enough, though I have a difficult time seeing anything too much between the two main characters.
Simon Baker is easy on the eyes but his character tends to be a bit smug, annoying and arrogant.

Yes, I have definitely caught that impression from the promos. But I've seen a few minutes of the beginnings of episodes after Person of Interest and it seemed... well, worth asking about :)
It's entertaining. The main character has (of course) this horrible man-pain trauma that he has to work to overcome and the supporting characters are a good bunch. I don't find the female lead to be particularly sympathetic, but she is probably a good foil for him as she doesn't put up with a lot of nonsense.

Patrick Jane, Simons character is annoying and arrogant, but you can't help but laugh at the stunts he pulls on people.
I find it an enjoyable show.

Man-pain = mucho angst, covered up with smugness and arrogance. Simon Baker's character, Patrick Jane, used to be a con-man specializing in being a psychic. Then his wife and child were killed by a serial killer known as Red John and he got a job with the CBI to hunt the guy down. The character can be VERY annoying, but amusing, too.

Personally, I'm a big Cho fangirl.

And I am loving Person of Interest. Huge Jim Caviezel fan.
Yay another PoI fan! Though I have to warn you -- because I started watching it, it will probably get canceled :( I have that kind of luck.
I watch both.

Love Patrick Jane, even if he is a PITA. If I knew him IRL I'd probably smack him upside the head several times a day, but since that's not the case, I find the stuff he gets up to very amusing. What happened with him in the season finale last year really surprised me; the character went somewhere I never thought he'd go. He talked the talk, but I never believed he'd actually walk the walk, which he did. (yes, being vague so as not to spoil LOL) Let's just say he can talk big, but most of the time he's something of a coward. He's very much more brains than brawn type. And I like his relationship with Theresa Lisbon, the team leader. Some see it as brother/sister, but I've always felt there was potential for a romantic relationship, once he's got past his (as Sue calls it ;-) "man-pain." And there is some ship with the secondary characters.

I'm not very invested in PoI yet, but it's intriguing enough to keep me watching. And Reese has his own "man-pain" to deal with, so I'm not seeing much in the way of shippiness for him as of yet.