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What's on the menu...

General to-do list for today:
- Giants!
- Run & empty dishwasher
- Pick up and sweep the floor (currently every toy the cats own is strewn about my living room)
- Hope Raiders lose (not personally invested, it would just make me happy) Bwah 38-35 Bills.
- Hope 49ers win (see above) 27-24 in OT, too bad.
- Put new registration sticker on my car, because it would be embarrassing if I forgot and got pulled over
- Watch the NASCAR race probably get rained out (the radar is not promising) As I suspected, postponed until tomorrow...
- Jot down some kind of lesson plan for class tomorrow
- Finish laundry
- General decluttering

I should probably make a grocery store run as well... I'm just not in the mood.
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