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Fun on Spoilme

Even more interesting that RDA was signed for several
weeks before S7 was renewed and both MGM and SCI FI
were quick to point out this didn't make s7 a forgeone
conclusion. AT was also signed. MS signed and the
renewal announcement was made. CJ signed some time
after that. There were many factors at play of which
we as fans know nothing.


To set the record straight, season 7 hinged on RDA
signing on contrary to what anyone says. When Rick
signed, it became a foregone conclusion regardless of
when season 7 was announced. We all knew that once
Rick signed on, season 7 was a go.

From JM.

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Poor Bibs. Her boy wasn't the reason for another season. slogan.

"Jack O'Neill: The Reason For The Season" ;)

or even

"RDA: The Reason For The Season"
Go Joe!
"There were many factors at play of which we as fans know nothing." Biblio

Can we smack her around with this quote for a while? I certainly remember saying these very words to her when she and her cronies were smacking around TPTB for their audacity to allow MS to leave the show of his own accord.

Hypocrasy knows no end w/her, I guess.
I can't believe
that people are still talking about the timing of the SG1's renewal. How many times and how many ways does one have to hear it?

Shakes head.