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I'm watching The Secret Circle on WB because the promos reminded me of the movie The Craft, which I rather enjoyed. So far it's pretty much what you'd expect: main character is an orphan, 'kids' are too old, 'parents' are too young, 'small' town in no way resembling a small town, including having a large modern high school, romantic angst, "I knew your mother" being repeated several dozen times...

ETA: ...everything looks like British Columbia...

On the upside, as far as I can tell there is not a single vampire character, so... I give it a good solid B+.

ETA: "A complete circle is six." Um no that's a hexagon."

ETA: Supernatural is still on? I could have sworn I saw something about a series finale... or maybe I'm thinking of Smallville...

ETA: Okay I just placed the guy -- John Connor LOL.

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    Watched the pilot. *thumbs down, blows raspberry*

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    "I'm not afraid to die." "You should be: you'll live longer." Oooh, I'm totally going to steal that.

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