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M*A*S*H me, baby.

One of my favorite things about the show is the mature and practical approach Carter and O'Neill have about their mutual attraction. They know it's there, they know it affects them, but they also know it's inappropriate. So, like people in real life, they don't pursue the attraction. Is that a difficult balance to maintain?

Joe Mallozzi: "Not really. It's always in the back of our minds and, every so often, the emotion breaks the surface and we're reminded just how much these two characters care for each other. In "Paradise Lost," for example, Jack is lost off-world. As the days pass, Sam grows increasingly agitated. The prospect of losing Jack becomes too much for her and, in a very touching scene, she breaks down and opens up to Teal'c. The feelings are there. They're professionals and can't give in to them for the time being, but they're definitely still there."

For the time being... Mwah.

Have you envisioned an end for Stargate SG-1, a goal you'd like to see the show achieve before it goes off the air? Or do you see it as a sort of endless quest?

Joe: "I'd personally prefer some sort of closure. *snip* When presented with the task of writing a series finale, you can go either of two ways. Either you go the M*A*S*H route and bring closure to the central story arcs and the characters, or you go the Cheers route and suggest that, once all is said and done, it will remain business as usual. I know that some members of the writing staff would prefer the latter as it would leave the door open for possible special event movies, but one of the things that I admired about Babylon 5, for instance, was the sense that you were watching a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end. There is something about finality, the notion that all good things come to an end, that I find very appealing. We have opened up a number of storylines: the Jaffa rebellion, Teal'c's loyalty to his homeworld, the Sam/Jack relationship. I personally feel it would be a cop-out not to let the fans know how it all turns out."

Yes! It's a cop out. Yes yes yes! Cop outs bad!

The whole article.

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