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Jane Eyre (2011)

Just a quick movie review cause it's already past my bedtime, and I intend to read some more Hunger Games before sleep.

Watched the new, Mia Wasikowska version of Jane Eyre. I think Mia makes a very good Jane, however I thought Michael Fassbender's Rochester was lacking; I kept comparing him to Toby Stephens in the 2006 version. Maybe that's unfair, because Stephans had a lot more time to play with (some novels need a miniseries rather than a movie to do them justice, see: Pride and Prejudice). But while Stephans' Rochester was haunted and a little cracked, he was also charming. Fassbender's Rochester was just kind of rambling and creepy.

I also missed seeing the interplay of Rochester's houseguests, including Blanche, and learning about Adele's history, and getting to know the Rivers siblings better. I didn't think the use of the story frame (with most of the story shown in flashbacks) was very effective.

Of course, any movie automatically gets points for having Judi Dench, and like I said, Mia was very good -- although it took a few scenes before I stopped thinking of her as Alice. But overall, a mixed bag.

Jane has never been one of my favorite heroines. Can you call someone a heroine who doesn't do much of her own accord? Okay, so she was a spunky little kid and she had the wherewithal to advertise for a position (the 2006 version illustrated that better), but otherwise... every time I read the book or watch a movie version, I feel worse and worse for her. I was raised on Austen, and okay, maybe Elizabeth and Anne and Elinor aren't out there kicking ass and taking names, but it never felt like they were just being buffeted around by the winds of chance like poor Jane. And I feel bad for beating up on her, because she can't help how she was written, but there you go. :D
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