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Ooooh... Jack McDevitt has a new Alex Benedict novel, Firebird, coming out on November 1st!

Is it sad that I still have a tiny bit of hope left for Alex/Chase? I mean, okay, I'm projecting a little bit, I know; they've had plenty of other relationships over the course of the books, and even 'broke up' for a while in Echo... but they always come back to each other! I just love them together! Platonic relationships + lots of peril = makes Alli see UST!

Okay, that's enough exclamation marks... *hides*

I'm about a third of the way through A Dance with Dragons, the latest in the Song of Ice and Fire series which you probably know - unless you've been living under a rock - is the basis for HBO's A Game of Thrones. Even though the show is (IMO) overly sexed-up, I'm really looking forward to next season, and I'm enjoying DwD. GRRM is a good writer, even though the series is at times exceedingly depressing - he likes killing off the 'good' characters, and those are far and few between... most characters are either scheming psychopaths (*cough*CerseiPetyrTyrionetcetc...*cough*) or dolts (*cough*Sansa*cough*) but he does have an impressive way of making even the real creeps into three-dimensional characters. (I mean, by the middle of the first book, who would have thought that Jaime's story arc would be where it is now? Halfway through FoC I found myself wanting to give him a hug.) GRRM is a stinkin' liberal and has deplorable taste in sports teams, but the man can write.

Okay, that's probably enough rambling for now too. I would welcome a GoT discussion in the comments, though :D
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