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Ooooh... Jack McDevitt has a new Alex Benedict novel, Firebird, coming out on November 1st!

Is it sad that I still have a tiny bit of hope left for Alex/Chase? I mean, okay, I'm projecting a little bit, I know; they've had plenty of other relationships over the course of the books, and even 'broke up' for a while in Echo... but they always come back to each other! I just love them together! Platonic relationships + lots of peril = makes Alli see UST!

Okay, that's enough exclamation marks... *hides*

I'm about a third of the way through A Dance with Dragons, the latest in the Song of Ice and Fire series which you probably know - unless you've been living under a rock - is the basis for HBO's A Game of Thrones. Even though the show is (IMO) overly sexed-up, I'm really looking forward to next season, and I'm enjoying DwD. GRRM is a good writer, even though the series is at times exceedingly depressing - he likes killing off the 'good' characters, and those are far and few between... most characters are either scheming psychopaths (*cough*CerseiPetyrTyrionetcetc...*cough*) or dolts (*cough*Sansa*cough*) but he does have an impressive way of making even the real creeps into three-dimensional characters. (I mean, by the middle of the first book, who would have thought that Jaime's story arc would be where it is now? Halfway through FoC I found myself wanting to give him a hug.) GRRM is a stinkin' liberal and has deplorable taste in sports teams, but the man can write.

Okay, that's probably enough rambling for now too. I would welcome a GoT discussion in the comments, though :D
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I haven't started reading the new one yet, because I'm still re-reading the others first. But I'm wondering, is there any Arya in the new one? I vaguely recall that he left her ... what, blind or something, in the last book?

I was thinking similar things about Jaime, too. I hated him from the time he tossed poor Bran off that tower, but by the last book he was one of my favorite characters.
yah, when we last saw arya, she had killed the deserter from the nights watch and woke up blind. I haven't seen her yet in the new one.