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As a kid, I always enjoyed school shopping. I was a nerd who liked school (no doubt part of the reason I've never really left) and school shopping signaled the start of the year year. Plus I always like the idea of getting organized (although the reality hasn't always worked out). And there's just something about a shiny new backpack, pencil box, binder, etc, that's exciting.

School supply shopping from a teacher's point of view is actually more fun, except for the part where you're spending your own money instead of your parents'. I just got back from hitting Dollar Tree, Target, and Michael's, and unpacking my bags feels a little like Christmas :D

Here's my haul:

Dollar Tree:
- desk organizers (3)
- shower curtains (2) for the windows if I'm allowed, and for bulletin boards if not
- permanent markers
- tab dividers
- shelf liner (just cause)
- Pencil case
- Mini stapler kit
- Wall mounted dry erase board
- Foam sheets (to make clothespins w/students' names)
- index cards (2)
- Black tablecloth for bulletin board
- Mini sewing kit (nice to have on hand)
- Sticky notes
- Tape (2)
- Posterboard (2)

- Puffy balls (4) Kids love em!
- Velcro
- Glue (4) Cheap, and can never have enough
- Colored plastic tape
- 4pk of cork tiles

- Lovely 180 sheet pack of scrapbook paper (only $10!)
- Mini hot glue gun (always wanted one)
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