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As a kid, I always enjoyed school shopping. I was a nerd who liked school (no doubt part of the reason I've never really left) and school shopping signaled the start of the year year. Plus I always like the idea of getting organized (although the reality hasn't always worked out). And there's just something about a shiny new backpack, pencil box, binder, etc, that's exciting.

School supply shopping from a teacher's point of view is actually more fun, except for the part where you're spending your own money instead of your parents'. I just got back from hitting Dollar Tree, Target, and Michael's, and unpacking my bags feels a little like Christmas :D

Here's my haul:

Dollar Tree:
- desk organizers (3)
- shower curtains (2) for the windows if I'm allowed, and for bulletin boards if not
- permanent markers
- tab dividers
- shelf liner (just cause)
- Pencil case
- Mini stapler kit
- Wall mounted dry erase board
- Foam sheets (to make clothespins w/students' names)
- index cards (2)
- Black tablecloth for bulletin board
- Mini sewing kit (nice to have on hand)
- Sticky notes
- Tape (2)
- Posterboard (2)

- Puffy balls (4) Kids love em!
- Velcro
- Glue (4) Cheap, and can never have enough
- Colored plastic tape
- 4pk of cork tiles

- Lovely 180 sheet pack of scrapbook paper (only $10!)
- Mini hot glue gun (always wanted one)
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I am soooo the same! I am not allowed to go to Officeworks alone! I'm forever buying stuff to organise my desk, or little presents for my reward box....

small things eh!

When do you guys go back?
First day back with the kids is the 17th, but we have various meetings, trainings and optional professional development starting Monday.