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So, to follow up from my previous post, I did finally get to see Deathly Hallows Part 2 yesterday morning. I actually intend to see it again, tomorrow or Tuesday, and ideally I'd like to watch Part 1 right before. I think where they decided to cut it works well for the story... especially since many of the slower parts were kept to the first movie, which has a very different atmosphere to it, and the focus of the second was the Battle. That said, there's something about bringing the two together that appeals to me as a reader. I'll hopefully have more cogent thoughts to share after the second viewing :)
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That's exactly what I did. I watched Part 1 the night before I went to see Part 2 and it made me appreciate it even more.
It's really weird, maybe it's because movies 1-4 are always on TV, and 5 is my favorite, but Half Blood Prince and DH 1 have always been... slippery to me. Somehow just not as memorable, even though they have memorable parts, if that makes any sense. So I feel like I can watch those two over and over and they don't stick in my head as well. I've watched DH 1 twice in the past week and I still don't feel like I know it as well as the others. Maybe 3rd time will be the charm?
Y'know, I thought that about HBP too, but when I watched it again...for REAL, it quickly became one of my favorites, I think. :) DH Part 1 though IS slow, but of course it DOES go hand in hand with Part 2.
HBP always kind of bugged me because they never explained WHY Snape was the HBP. If you don't know the backstory about his parents it just makes him come across as kind of a prat ;)