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- First, the big news: I got my rehire letter! Pending the state of California falling into the Pacific Ocean, have a job next year! This also means I can make some extra money by going to a 5-day training in early August, which will be great :)

- I had a bad dream last night... I won't go into details. But the weird thing is that the first part I remembered when I woke up is that in this dream people had flying cars. I'm thinking too much Harry Potter.

- Along those same lines, I've watched the first four Harry Potter movies over the past week or so, to prepare my brain for DH pt 2 on the morning of the 15th. I was originally going to reread all the books, but some are packed away with my school things. Besides, I've come to the decision that the movies are more enjoyable if I remember fewer particulars about the books. So I'm living in movieverse for the next few days and that's that.

...I can understand why for most people it's a love it or hate it sort of thing. While the actors and CGI and, of course, the source material are all very good, the screenplays and some of the directing leave something to be desired. I haven't seen HBP in quite a while, but I remember there being a huge amount of backstory - i.e. why the hell Snape was the Half-Blood Prince - left out. In PoA it was never explained who actually made the Marauders Map. Things like that, that I don't really think about until I'm watching with someone who hasn't read the books. The underlying texture and connections that make the story that much more interesting.

Also, seeing as how I just watched GoF... Hee.

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