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Now that Alias is over til next fall/winter (depending on the evilness of the network) and it's really nothing I want to dwell on, and my finals will be over - and my summer begun - in one week, I can start getting my head fully and firmly back into Stargate. Specifically, fanfic.

The last couple months I've felt... disconnected from my writing. I've still been writing, of course, but nothing since Sleepers has really impressed me to any degree. I don't know if I can blame it on a muse only working part time or school being a distraction or my 'medical condition' or maybe it's just losing sight of the seasons I enjoy the show in the first place. This isn't my 'goodbye, cruel fandom' speech or anything... I'm not to that point and, frankly, I can't see myself getting to that point. But I used to be better at keeping the fandom me away from the fanfic me.

Maybe I just need to wait for a fresh idea to pop into my head. With me, with writing, it always seems to be feast or famine. Right now I have two things - the final chapter of March and the sequel to Sleepers (as yet untitled) - that I 'should' be working on. And, knowing me, if I was able to fight my way past a certain point, I would be able to get into it again. But I guess I'm just feeling lazy. It's not writer's block... it's writer's couch potato sydrome.

So I put out a couple little fluff pieces -- The Door, Identity -- little vignettes just to prove I'm still alive and breathing. But darn it, I want to pull together something better than that. Not the Great American Novel... heck, not even the Great American Stargate Fanfic. Just... something.

The most annoying thing is... it's not something I can work on. It's not like my studying for finals, where I can sit and stare at a notebook for hours and then feel like I've done something constructive. The harder I try, the more I get nowhere. I just have to sit back and let it come to me. But that's really... well, annoying. See below.
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