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Bones marathon

Aaaaand Season 2 is done *pants*

I had forgotten how much Hodgins' and Angela's (first) wedding made me LOL. Other thoughts relevant to this season include:

- Zaaaaaaack :(
- I found Cam/Booth less annoying the second time around, but Brennan/Sully more annoying. Is that just because I know Cam better now and know that she's no threat, whereas if Sully ever came back he might be? Gah, that's just what we need.
- Max is awesome :)
- Zackaroni!
- Storyline-wise this was a very strong season. Honestly the only episodes that lost my attention a little were the ones involving Sully. Go figure, right?
- Dr. Gordon Gordon Wyatt as the first iteration of Sweets... you gotta love it.
- Did I mention that I'm still mourning Zack?
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