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I like to call it "research"

Just finished rewatching the first season of Bones and taking notes on some of the most vid-able bits. It's funny but some of the episodes, when I've caught them on syndie rerun, I've always thought happened a bit later in the series, like the New Orleans ep (Caroline!). There's really something awesome about watching so many episodes back-to-back like this... it's a lot easier to really see the change in the characters.

Tomorrow we start on Season 2!
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Oh yeah, that's just one of the many awesome scenes :D

It's funny, though... Booth/Cam bugs me less now than it did before, and Brennan/Sully bugs me more. Why do you think that is?
I think Sully/Brennan always annoyed me- just because she was always so anti realtionships and then she was in one, and I think it was just so quick when it appeared with no real connection.

But i think the way they set up the cam/booth made it seem more believeable and they could carry it out for ages without blatantly throwing it ion our faces because she was hanging around- unlike Sully who was there for a few eps then gone.


I am very definitely going to be pulling out my season 1 and watching it- perfect on a cold sunday evening..... (avoiding school work at all costs! :)