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More Bones

Max's observation in the diner about Booth and Brennan being strangely nice to each other is so much more amusing now.
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Yeah... if we're going to be denied our B&B (tv-rated) pr0n, we'd best enjoy the little things ;) Seriously, though, I thought about the arm-holding when Brennan did it again with 'Buck'. It's such an adorable and less-shmoopy alternative to hand-holding :D
less-shmoopy HAHHAHAHA I LOVE this!

On the second, third, fourth and soon to be fifth watch through you definately start to pick up on the little things during the me when she asks Angela what it was like now has a whole new meaning....

I just wish season 7 would hurry up and get here! LOL Upside I'm going to be in the states in September so I may even see it live :D
Yeah, and her anxious expressions during Angela's delivery... obviously she's worried about her friend but there's also some ... trepidation there for a different reason.