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My brain was attacked by a Bones music video idea during the drive home today. I'm a little overwhelmed by the scope and the amount of footage to dig through, but - at the moment - I'm feeling inspired. Fringe will have to wait... sorry, Fringe.

Some random Bones finale thoughts:

1. For a good Catholic boy who's all into marriage and whatnot, Booth sure is good at producing children out of wedlock. You'd think after everything he went through with Rebecca, realizing that in those kinds of situations the father generally has very few rights, he'd be a little more, uh, circumspect.

2. Along the same lines... Brennan's not on the pill? Or using anything else? I recognize (and appreciate) that she doesn't seem to have had a sexual relationship in a while, but still...

3. After having some time to think it over... I'm happy-giddy-excited for next season, and I understand what HH and the other PTBs are trying to do in terms of 'breaking the Moonlighting curse', but I still feel kind of gypped by what we did (or didn't) get to see. And I feel kind of voyeuristic saying that, but c'mon.

4. What are the chances of the last episode of the series being a '30 years later' epilogue in which Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins and Booth and Brennan's daughter fight crime and their UST for each other? :D SPINOFF!
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1. I remember something like "be fruitful and multiply". Maybe Booth just forgot abonut the rest. :D Also, most sperm don't care about marriages. Brennan would point out that it's all about survival of the species, marriage is an antiquated ritual and monogamy is silly anyways.

2. That's struck me as odd, too. On the other hand, if you have a medical student living with you (in my case, my grilfriend), you'll constantly hear horrible numbers about the Pill of about 8% failure rate... At least the way most women take it. But then again - they were at Booth's place - I doubt he didn't have any condoms lying around.

3. I'm good with not seeing them do it. If we'd seen it, the finale wouldn't have been as exciting.

4. Bwahaha - still can't get over them actually using "Staccato". :D Other than that - epic idea, sign me up!
1. Well I know SHE would say that, I'm talking about HIM -- and I would like to think he'd learned something. Tsk tsk.

2. Hmm, I wonder if any of this will come up next season...

3. That's true, and it's part of the reason I'm (grudgingly) dealing with it ;) I demand we receive recompense next season!

4. Bones: TNG!
1. Maybe he learned a little too much from her. :D

3. I seriously hope they'll show us the moments after what happened in the season finale. Did they start laughing? Did they kiss? Dammit, I wanna know. I don't care if the new season starts off a couple of months later, but I need to see more of Booth's reaction - and Brennan's reaction to his.
Alli Bones Vid = epic yay awesomeness

1. A good catholic boy who also doesnt mind getting laid under a fig tree in a warzone either....and I;m sure the whole Rebecca, father rights etc thing will be dealt with- personally I'm excited to see Parkers reaction to the news!

2. After my epic flailing and and now 48 hours of processing the finale, this was one of the first things that I thought- but then again you're right in the fact that she hasnt slept with anyone (that we know of) in quite some time and yeah my sister (who is 16 weeks pregnant at the moment) is a product of a failed pill.

3. I saw one article that was titled "HH gave the moonlighting curse the finger!" I lol'd- and after reading several SN interviews now I am definately excited for the prospect of whats to come- especially given their completely different views on so many things and SN did say that he thinks that we didnt need to see the "moment" and I get that, i dont partcularly want to see it either BUT a kiss....was that too much to ask for...even a freaking hug at the end!

4. LOVE THIS IDEA- Surely thats what HH is thinking he knows his FOX contract requires a spinoff or pilot every year so hes planted it already!

I am definately in a much better headspace about it now, and have rewatched it over and over and over and am now amazed by the quality of some of the vids that are out there already and the fic....whoa!

1. LOL. Yeah -- personally I imagine Parker being like, "Geeesh, Dad, took you long enough". He loves Bones :)

2. Like I said above, something I want to see addressed next season... I guess I just don't want to think of characters I like and to a degree admire being so irresponsible. One of my favorite things about Angela and Hodgins is that they (pretty much) did everything in the right order.

3. I want something. I don't care what at this point. But gimme something!

4. \o/

Ooooh gimme fic reccs!
1. I imagine parker would have a grin much like his fathers and then question why they arent married!

2. Hodgela are the ones i guess you wouldnt expect to do it in the right order! LOL and I get the admiration thing- and yeah they are characters but real life gets in the way some times.

3. I just want a kiss, a conversation something- but i am almost certain that season 7 will start a few month down the track with everyone already knowing (so we wont get those scenes....grrrrr) and fresh murders and bodies and them being them with no real emotional fall out that I WANT to see!

Fic recs comming:


FF recs

most of them arent that great but these are some I liked!

Grrrrrr is right....but as I said to someone else....we still keep watching so they must be doing something righT!

Fic has gone nuts!

Hows the vid coming?
Hows the vid coming?

Oh, most of this weekend will be spend downloading eps... it's that or rip from my DVDs and I don't have the patience for that.
rip from my DVDs and I don't have the patience for that.

Key reason why I dont even attempt to try! I just sit back and watch the wonderful creativity of everyone else!