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My brain was attacked by a Bones music video idea during the drive home today. I'm a little overwhelmed by the scope and the amount of footage to dig through, but - at the moment - I'm feeling inspired. Fringe will have to wait... sorry, Fringe.

Some random Bones finale thoughts:

1. For a good Catholic boy who's all into marriage and whatnot, Booth sure is good at producing children out of wedlock. You'd think after everything he went through with Rebecca, realizing that in those kinds of situations the father generally has very few rights, he'd be a little more, uh, circumspect.

2. Along the same lines... Brennan's not on the pill? Or using anything else? I recognize (and appreciate) that she doesn't seem to have had a sexual relationship in a while, but still...

3. After having some time to think it over... I'm happy-giddy-excited for next season, and I understand what HH and the other PTBs are trying to do in terms of 'breaking the Moonlighting curse', but I still feel kind of gypped by what we did (or didn't) get to see. And I feel kind of voyeuristic saying that, but c'mon.

4. What are the chances of the last episode of the series being a '30 years later' epilogue in which Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins and Booth and Brennan's daughter fight crime and their UST for each other? :D SPINOFF!
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