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Not cool, Canada. Just... not cool.

So the Bones finale airs in Canada tonight, and where's the torrent?

Missing, that's where!


If anyone spoils me, I... well -- *points to icon*
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I am avoiding tublr at all costs and seriously.....Global are blocking all links they can apparently for any torrent anywhere!!!

If i find one I will let you know!

Personally I feel that if torrent uploaders can to an end run around FOX they can do one around whatever Canucks as well!
people have been trawling for hours, and there are lots of fake links out there- any legit ones disappear- I guess I'm just going to have to wait another 24 hours!!!

However someone has posted a link to the final scene.....I am so utterly tempted right now!
Let me know when you've watched it! Since you;re a "casual viewer" ie completely unspoilered and not in fandom it will be interesting to get your take on it.

It aired last night? Whoops, missed that promo. Oh well, guess I'll be waiting with the rest of yas.