I just watched it!

OMFG *flail*

I knew VNM was the victim cause I read the sides and saw the guest cast list ages ago...BUT OMG how sad was it when he was lying on floor saying "dont make me go!!!" My poor heart....

And then of course you have Booth and Brennan in bed and the clock flashing 4:47 because HART HANSON is EVIL and knows everyone has been waiting to the CLOCK to turn up and OMFG and the looks with Angela and the arm holding at the end.....OMFG!

*flailing epically over here!!!!*

Okay so you remember the "Coma dream" episode where Booth and Bren were married. Well at the beginning when Brennan climbs into bed with Booth and they get a little busy the clock is flashing 4:47- but then we flash to the morning and the clock reads in 24 hour time 0530- meaning we are now only in the coma dream from this point forward....and the ep was called "The end on the beginning" so crazy fangirls theorise that that scene was the "end" of the series in the "beginning" of the episode.

Then you have the season five finale "the beginning in the end" where in the apartment of the hoarder guy who died there is a clock flashing "4:47" and in this episode there were also many other links to the season 4 finale coma ep. But fan girls theorise the title means that ending the partnership (ie going to Maluku or afghanistan" was the beginning of the relationship potential.


In the "Hole in the heart" when Booth is asleep in his bed the clock on his bedside table reads....4:47!!! And then of course Brennan comes in in need of consolation....

So fandom is now directly split into the "they had sex cause the clock said so and they sung lime in da coconut" or the "No they didnt cause HH wouldnt be so mean as to not show us SOMETHING after 6 years!!!"

Oh and the lime in da coconut is a reference to a tweet that HH made that said the likelyhood of them singing "lime in da coconut" is the same a Booth and Brennan hooking up!

Links to pics to help -> http://bbshipper.tumblr.com/post/5440095832

and http://bonesspoilers.blogspot.com/2009/08/hh-twitter-62-lime-in-da-coconut.html

*yeah I'm a huge ass fangirl"
Glad you got something out of it. I guess I never connected with VNM so his death seemed anti-climactic considering they made it seem in the promo that it was one of the main cast. And the whole tease with B&B is finally wearing on me that I'm most likely not going to bother with next season. I'll watch the finale, but I'm fairly certain I'm done with Bones. *sigh*
Well I was pretty certain it wasn't going to be one of the main cast, but my guess (not knowing who was going to be in the ep) was Daisy.
As soon as I saw him I knew it was going to be him because he shows up in the promos for the new Syfy show Alphas.