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Okay... I admit it...

I want to go see X-Men.

In fact, I want to go see it this weekend.

*hangs head*

I blame cartoons. I offered to take a classmate to her dentist's appointment (otherwise she was going to have to walk, and the place is located on a majorly busy street, so... Anyway, while I was waiting for her I was watching an X-Men cartoon they had playing, and it was all Rogue and Logan shippy --

-- now, I don't actually ship for X-Men, I have nothing invested, but I spent too much time around Beth, who infested my head full of W/R thoughts, and now I can't help but think they're cute. Bah --

-- and I started thinking about wanting to go see the movie.

I'm telling you, it's subliminal messages being beamed into my brain.

And eek, there's a giant mosquito hawk on my screen... I think he wants in...
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