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Fringe -- OMGWTF??????

*flails wildly*
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I know! I have a feeling we'll be flailing even more next week.
right! RIGHT!


Last week I literally threw the remote at the television and this week I launched myself off my lounge....

Next week is going to be EPIC!!!!!

This is the one show i watch that just keeps delivering and delivering every week and keeps living up to the hype!


Bring on the finale!
I'm terrified!

Ditto- if the last few seconds of 3x21 were anything to go by- i think that we have every right to be terrified! But how fantastic will it be!!

Gah and then season 4- SEASON 4!!!!
I hope it's fantastic. I'm sure it'll be some horrific TBC though, and we'll be left to suffer all summer long.

I just hope they're not planning on pulling a BSG, i.e. going to the future and staying there. That would suck.