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Can anyone think of a piece of published fiction that uses rotating 1st person perspective?
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There was this one book I read in middle school, but it was young adult, so I don't know if that counts. "The Girls," by Amy Goldman Koss. I'm sure there are others, but for some reason that's all I'm coming up with.

Barry Malzberg did that in some of his SF short atories; one I'm remembering took the form of depositions from witnesses to a bizarre event that we only piece together gradually in reading them - and as you might expect the witnesses themselves are in full CYA mode, spending as much time bitching about and blaming the others involved as actually describing anything, so at the end we're STILL not really sure what happened - not as a straight narration of the event would tell it. It was clever.

Now, rotating third-person is more common, of course - he did that too.

"The Boleyn Inheritence" by Philippa Gregory comes to mind. Not sure that it's your cup of tea though ;-)
Is "The Joy Luck Club" by Amy Tan rotating first person? I know it has multiple narrators, and I'm pretty sure they're all first person.... but I don't have my copy with me to check. :P
I got sucked into reading James Patterson's Witch and Wizard series. He alternates 1st person POV between 2 siblings. I think these are supposed to be YA books.