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Ode to a Sloth

Wow... so it's been so long since I've gotten to sleep in til eleven, slouch around in my PJs for a while, eat at my leisure, take a shower around noon, slouch around in grubbies for a while longer... I mean, this was basically all I did for 4/5 of my summer vacation, but after so much rushing around - since before GC - it seems strange and unusual and wonderful.

And will you freaking believe it... the Giants/Braves game is supposed to be on, and the A's game is still on. I swear to God, that team exists for no reason but to tick me off. Ditto with Fox. What the hell are they thinking, blocking two games back to back for 3 hours each? Because baseball games never go overtime, I suppose. Jeeze.

On the upside... at least the A's are losing. Horribly, even.

Wait... scrolling message on Fox just said they're showing Giants/Braves on Action 36. Ha. They fear my wrath. See how they tremble before me.

So... there's the game, which will hopefully be finishing up by chat time, and then chat, and then... homework, at some point. Sadly, being a sloth only goes so far.
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